stacking paper lid

The stacking paper lid is
a new paper lid.

It is used by fitting it
into paper cups.

This simple initiative is good for
both the coffee and our earth.


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This lid is for use with paper cups. Since it is said that our sense of taste is largely influenced by smell, if you want to fully savor the aroma and taste of coffee, you should not close up the cup by placing a lid on it.

The standard stacking paper lid has no drinking spout. It is designed primarily to prevent spillage when carrying coffee, on the assumption that you will remove the lid when you drink the coffee in order to savor its aroma.

The type with a spout allows you to drink with the lid on, and is designed to allow you to detect subtleties of flavor and the feel of the coffee on your tongue.

We recommend not using a lid when it isn’t required. Knowing that you’re reducing unnecessary garbage by varying the way you drink coffee will make your coffee taste that much better.


Product designer Fumie Shibata developed the stacking paper lid based on a work she exhibited at the Takeo Paper Show held by specialist paper merchant TAKEO Co., Ltd. The lid doesn’t come off easily because it fits perfectly inside the cup. Its minimal size and use of paper make it comfortable to use.

Provides the minimal functionality required for carrying a drink. You can fully savor the true aroma and flavor of coffee by drinking it directly with the lid off.


The impact of waste plastic on the environment is an issue throughout the world, and the coffee industry, and fast food and convenience stores, are beginning to switch from plastic straws to straws made from paper and other alternative materials. However, no appropriate substitute had been found for the plastic cup lids that have an even greater impact on the environment than straws.

To address this issue and take a first step towards resolving it, specialist paper merchant TAKEO, paper cup manufacturer Dixie Japan, and Glitch Coffee & Roasters in the Jimbocho district of Tokyo, where it serves as a leader of the third wave coffee scene, joined forces to create a solution based on Fumie Shibata’s work through a natural, organic process of consultation and discussion between manufacturing and service sectors.

We realize that the stacking paper lid is not the only answer for reducing environmental impact. We believe that the real answer to protecting the environment is for people throughout the world to use this initiative as an inspiration for coming up with and implementing the next idea.

Fumie Shibata

After graduating from the Musashino Art University, she worked at a large electrical goods manufacturer and then founded Design Studio S. She has been working on many projects with domestic and overseas brands, including electronic goods, daily goods, medical equipment, and hotel creative direction. She has received among others the iF Gold Award, and the Design for Asia Top, Culture, and Gold Awards. Works as Professor of Musashino Art University and Judging Committee Chair of the 2018-2019 Good Design Awards. Author of the book 'Forms within Forms.'

TAKEO Co., Ltd.

TAKEO Co., Ltd. is a specialized paper trading company. Since its foundation in 1899, it has contributed to the expansion of the market for paper by developing and making available a range of fine paper—high grade special printing paper that incorporates elements such as color, texture, pattern, and a refined sense of materials. Working in collaboration with paper manufacturers around the world and adopting state of the art technology, TAKEO produces paper that stimulates the creativity of top designers.

Dixie Japan Ltd.

For over half a century since it was founded in 1964, Dixie Japan has contributed to society as a manufacturer of paper drinking cups that are essential to everyday life and other paper food receptacles. The need to deal with plastic waste in the oceans and other global-scale environmental problems have become increasingly urgent. In this context, and Dixie Japan believes that its business, which uses paper as the main material for its products, can contribute to resolving environmental issues facing modern-day society.


Glitch Coffee & Roasters provides cups of delicious coffee worthy of your limited time. Paying meticulous attention not only to roasting and brewing, but to all aspects of coffee, from the regions and farms where it is grown to its processing and the variety of beans that are used, it delivers delicious cups of coffee that convey the unique character of the original coffee beans in the Jimbocho district of Tokyo, where Japan’s coffeehouse culture thrives.



15.June.2020 -
*The event has ended.

Currently, we're offering a take-out cup for hot drinks at DEAN & DELUCA. The lids are made of plastic and they are spill resistant and convenient to carry. On the other hand, we have been concerned that they need to be separated when you throw them away, which can add to the waste that cannot be recycled with each offering. As a first step toward solving these problems, we will begin a test introduction of paper lids on Monday, June 15. A limited number of these lids will be available at select stores in Tokyo for the first time.

around KANDA Nishiki-Cho 2019

31.Oct - 1.Nov.2019 11:00-19:00 
2.Nov - 3.Nov.2019 11:00-18:00
*The event has ended.

The stacking paper lid is being provided at events in Tokyo’s Kanda area, where true coffee culture has taken root and there are many coffeehouses. Specialty coffees that you don’t want to miss out on are coming to the Kanda Nishiki-cho district thanks to the DISCOVER project, which is gathering coffee roasters offering the world’s best coffees from around the globe. These events allow you to experience the differences between the bean varieties and roasting methods chosen by each shop and the characteristics of each barista.


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